Used Forklifts

Buying a pre-owned forklift may work best with your budget, but it could cost you more money in the long run. While used equipment can save you a lot in upfront costs, it can cost you more in repairs and maintenance costs because it’s used. Depending on the age and condition of the equipment, you usually get little or no warranty coverage to help cover these costs. If you’ll be using your forklift multiple hours every day, buying new is often more cost-effective. Our used forklift inventory at Mid-Ohio Forklifts in Akron, Ohio, typically includes trade-ins that are older and may have minor leaks or other problems.

2014 Hyundai 25BC-9

2014 Hyundai 25BC-9

  • 5,000lb Electric Cushion Tire Unit
  • Triple mast: 185" lift height
  • Sideshift
  • 42" forks
  • 36V Battery Included
  • Hours: 3362
  • $15,500.00

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1995 Komatsu FG25ST-11

1995 Komatsu FG25ST-11

  • 5000 lb. Cushion
  • 2 Stage Trucker Mast:  82” Lift height
  • Overhead guard is 78”
  • 6046 Hours

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Pro Series Battery Stands

Pro Series Battery Stands

  • Roller Dimension: 18'' wide, outside width 38'', depth 40''
  • Condition: Nice, Gently Used
  • Model: PSBS18-2
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • $425 each

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2013 Crown SC5245-35

2013 Crown SC5245-35

  • 3 Stage Mast 188'' Overall Lift Height
  • 42'' Forks
  • 36 Volt
  • Electric 3Wheel
  • 3679+ Hrs
  • 60 Day Warranty
  • $14,300.00

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equipment expectations

  • Forklifts 1999 or older
    • Sold in as-is condition
    • May have minor oil leaks, very high hours, worn or cut seat cushion, heavy paint damage, worn tires, etc.
    • High maintenance costs
    • Repair issues on a regular basis
    • Purchased for minimal usage needs only
  • Forklifts 2000-2008
    • Have mid to higher hours
    • May have a 30-day warranty or less
    • In slightly better condition
    • May still have minor oil leaks and other minor issues
  • Forklifts 2008-2015
    • Less hours and less wear and tear
    • Usually sold with up to a 90-day warranty
    • May have minor paint damage, worn seat cushions, etc.
    • In fairly decent condition
  • Forklifts 2015 and newer
    • Low hours
    • Usually include a 90-day warranty at minimum
    • Often have some of the manufacturer’s factory warranty coverage still available
    • Free of oil leaks
    • Should be in good condition
    • Suitable for frequent use
  • Used Electric Forklifts
    • Expect the battery charge to last only two-three hours in older units
    • If being used sparingly, batteries that sit tend to sulfate and deteriorate quicker
    • Not ideal for very minimal or extremely high usage
    • Charger AMP Hour must match battery AMP Hour or batteries never fully charge
    • Some building power isn’t sufficient for larger batteries
Our pre-owned forklift inventory varies, but usually includes gas and electric forklifts of various brands, plus electric pallet trucks and order pickers. For more information, read our pre-owned forklift frequently asked question page.
Contact us at 330-633-1230 or before buying a used forklift to discuss all your new and used options today!