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Komatsu Electric Forklifts: 

Of course, Komatsu has a long heritage of building heavy-duty, high-quality equipment for customers.

In addition, Komatsu makes a wide variety of forklifts to meet a diverse number of application needs.

Komatsu’s forklifts are designed using our heavy equipment expertise to provide durable and dependable performance throughout their lifetime, providing our customers with greater value through lower costs of operation, day after day. 

Enhance your operation with high-quality, durable, high-performing forklifts from Komatsu. 

Komatsu combines a long history of rigorous engineering in construction equipment and features designed to increase efficiency and reduce operator fatigue to help lower costs of operation, day after day. 

Stay on top of trends with help from our experts, customer success stories, and industry point-of-view—so you feel equipped to successfully maintain and optimize your operation. 

Contact us today for options and pricing: 330-633-1230 or 

Example Reason to Buy Electric – Hot Seller: AM50 Series

Electric forklifts can be hindered by wet and corrosive environments, but the nimble yet powerful 3-wheeled AM50 takes rain, snow, and saltwater in stride. Its battery-powered sustainability, low maintenance design, and unsurpassed turning ability mean it’s perfect for outdoor jobs that previously only engine-powered models could handle.

  • Excels in wet and corrosive applications
  • Nimble 3-wheel design
  • Engine power strength with zero emissions
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