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​Are you trying to decide what type of forklift is best suited for your applications? Electric forklifts are clean, quiet and typically have longer lifespans than other options. With no fuel-storage requirements, electric forklifts are also economical, with a lower cost-per-hour to operate. Mid-Ohio Forklifts supplies several makes and models of electric forklifts in the northern and central Ohio area.
Mid-Ohio Forklifts
Mid-Ohio Forklifts

The Leader in State-of-the-Art Electric Forklifts

When you purchase a new forklift from Mid-Ohio Forklifts, you can be confident of its superior quality. We carry electric forklifts manufactured by the top names in the material handling equipment industry.
  • Hyundai electric forklifts are so versatile and durable that they provide the best warranty in the industry.
  • Komatsu’s years of experience designing heavy equipment allows them to make dependable, high-quality forklifts.
  • Big Joe forklifts combine workmanship and value by utilizing best-of-class standard components instead of pricey proprietary systems.​
Choose from sit-down, stand-up or straddle styles to best fit your operations. Our forklifts are compact enough to accommodate tight spaces and smaller quarters, and they incorporate ergonomic and safety features to reduce the risk of workplace injuries.​

Our Customer Service Makes the Difference

At Mid-Ohio Forklifts, our goal is to provide customer service that goes far beyond your highest expectations.
  • We can offer great trade-in value on your old forklifts.
  • Our Planned Maintenance programs extend the life of your new forklifts by focusing on a checklist of 68 items covering all areas, including drive unit, pumps motors and hydraulic system.
  • Call our 24/7 phone line for prompt response to any emergencies.
  • We provide battery and charger analyses.
  • Mid-Ohio Forklifts is certified to conduct an on-site half-day forklift safety course that exceeds OSHA standards. After undergoing written and driving tests, each employee receives a driver ID documenting successful completion of the course.

Contact Mid-Ohio Forklifts to learn more from one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members.

Mid-Ohio Forklifts

Hyundai IC Forklifts

Hyundai helps to build a better future for your material handling fleet, backed by the best warranty in the industry. Learn More

Mid-Ohio Forklifts

Komatsu IC Forklifts

Known for their durability and superior design, we are pleased to feature cushion and pneumatic tire trucks, and electric trucks in both 3-and 4-wheel designs. Learn More

Mid-Ohio Forklifts

Big Joe Electric Forklifts

Big Joe’s durable reputation makes them a perfect fit for your material handling business. Learn More

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Interested in a new electric forklift? Come to Mid-Ohio Forklifts, where we have plenty of new forklifts for sale to choose from. We also offer used forklifts and rentals, in addition to sweepers, scrubbers, aerial lifts, batteries and more. Ask about our maintenance services and training opportunities to make sure your new equipment lasts and that your employees know how to operate it safely and correctly. Contact us today at 800-638-1230 or fill out our online form and we’ll get back to you shortly.
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