Services: Mid-Ohio Forklifts

Services: mid-ohio forklifts

Services: Mid-Ohio Forklifts 

Though sales and rentals make up a huge part of our business at Mid-Ohio Forklifts, we also offer a full range of assistance including forklift service, training and more. 

We know that people and processes matter just as much as machinery, and we’re here to help you do your best so you can give your customers the care, attention and professional guidance they deserve.

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Our Maintenance Programs

Keep your material handling fleet in tip-top shape with the help of our factory-trained technicians. Safeguard new equipment with our Full Maintenance program and know exactly what you’ll spend and what protections you get upfront. Our Planned Maintenance (PM) program is about catching problems before they start, facilitating ongoing productivity, and putting an end to costly delays and project overruns due to unexpected downtime. The PM program is particularly beneficial as it provides a wonderful return on your investment by adding life to your equipment and maximizing safety and operational uptime. 

Sign up and you can expect:

Mid-Ohio Forklifts
  • Fast response times, with calls or scheduled appointments within 24 hours
  • A wealth of knowledge courtesy of our service team’s 42 years of combined experience
  • Access to a complete array of field and ship services, including testing, repair and replacement as necessary
  • Detailed invoicing so you know exactly where your money is going and what repairs were made
  • Flexibility, because nothing in life ever really goes to plan

Even with a plan in place, breakdowns happen. When an emergency hits, our technicians respond quickly to help you get back online as soon as possible. 

Forklift Service And Maintenance

If your equipment won’t lift, move, haul, or push, you can’t work. We help keep electric forklifts in motion through our 68-point Planned Maintenance program designed with the needs of electric equipment in mind. We’ll check everything from the batteries and cables to the mast assembly to the power contactors, ensuring everything is as it should be. 

There’s a similar 54-item Planned Maintenance checklist for gas forklifts too. Every time a unit successfully completes Planned Maintenance, it’s marked with a sticker noting the date of the evaluation and repair and the service or services performed.

Mid-Ohio Forklifts

Other Types of Maintenance, Service And Sales

In addition to servicing forklifts, our seasoned team excels at a wide range of maintenance services, including those directed at:
  • Industrial batteries and chargers
  • Dock equipment such as levelers and shelters
  • Non-forklift material handling equipment such as personnel carriers, trash compactors, compressors, stretch wrap machines and cardboard balers
  • Cleaning equipment such as scrubbers and sweepers
  • Aerial scissor lifts and booms
  • Compactors, balers and other equipment, adjusting switches and ensuring safety gates and chains are in working order
Whether it’s time for planned maintenance, you’re preparing for annual ANSI-required machine inspections or your sweeper brushes are on the fritz, our maintenance and service pros have the experience, knowledge and drive to get to the root of the problem and identify a fix.
Mid-Ohio Forklifts

Operator Safety Training

Our operator safety program is designed to help your company understand and adhere to the extensive rules and regulations in place governing forklift safety. Each course is about 4.5 hours long and meets all of OSHA’s strict requirements through a comprehensive slate of classroom work, videos, reviews, a written test and an actual driving test. Those who complete the course and pass all the tests receive a driver ID signifying their success.

We’ll also train your in-house trainer. Send a point person to Mid-Ohio Forklift and we’ll teach them everything they need to know about educating your staff and pass on video and booklets for use in future coursework.

Schedule Maintenance Or Service

On-the-job productivity requires a fully operational fleet of equipment. When something breaks, you’re in for long delays, lost revenue and, potentially, some very disgruntled customers. Help pave the way to a happier clientele and healthier bottom line with maintenance programs and operational training from Mid-Ohio Forklift. For more information contact us today. 


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