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Pallet Jacks & Trucks: Big Joe’s durable reputation makes them a perfect fit for your business!

Move More! Hurt Less! 

Big Joe products, when matched to a task will help you MOVE, STACK, ACCESS and AUTOMATE material handling workflows smarter.

Hot Sellers: 
WRT60: AC Rider Pallet Truck

Our 6,000lb capacity AC pallet truck has been designed to provide high productivity, reliability and low operating cost. Powered by a large AC drive motor that can propel the unit to 9mph, the WRT60 will allow operators to move more product per hour, and since there are no moving parts in the drive motor… many maintenance expenses are eliminated over the equipment’s lifecycle.

With it’s heavy duty steel construction and the use of best of breed non-proprietary parts the WRT60 delivers exceptional value. If you’re looking for a powered pallet truck that is tough and highly productive select our WRT60 for your facility.

WPT45: Medium Duty AC Pallet Truck

Our 4,500lb capacity AC pallet trucks are great for facilities that frequently handle loads at ground level. The construction of these powered pallet truck includes components that provide smooth fast operation while keeping maintenance costs low. If you’re looking for a powered pallet truck that is tough and highly productive select our WPT45 for your facility.

RPL44: Rider Pallet Truck Low-Profile

Our 4,400 lb capacity fully electric pallet truck has a compact chassis and power steering for nimble performance in tight areas.

The RPL44’s low-profile forks for easy pallet entry and exit. The integrated lithium battery and battery management system communicate through the vehicle CAN system to deliver optimal performance during operation, opportunity charging or full cycle charging operations.

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