Dimensions You Need to Know About Before Purchasing a Forklift

Dimensions You Need to Know About Before Purchasing a Forklift

Are you trying to find the right forklift for your warehouse, but not knowing what forklift will work with your warehouse needs? We understand it can be stressful since every warehouse is a different size and shape. Maybe there are a lot of tight corners in your warehouse, so you need a forklift that can move around easily. Or your shelves are really high up, so you’ll need a 4-stage mast to reach 20+ feet. There as so many different forklift shapes and sizes out there, for all kinds of buildings. So here are some basic forklift dimensions to know for your warehouse needs.

Forklift Dimensions: Height

Overall Height

Overall Height is the measurement from the ground to the highest part of the truck. Be sure to know this is when the mast is fully extended. Typically, the mast, carriage or load backrest are the highest point. The overall height could potentially interfere with lighting, sprinkler heads, ducts, etc. any fixtures that hang from the ceiling. Knowing how low the fixtures are in your building will help determine the maximum height the forklift can be, without the forklift running into things.

Maximum mast height or extended mast height

Maximum mast height or extended mast height is the measurement height from the highest point the forks can reach to the floor with the mast fully extended. You will need the max height of your warehouse shelves in order to figure out the maximum mast height for your forklift. Once you know the height of your warehouse shelves add 8 inches minimum to allow the forklift to be able to lift the load up to move it without any issues.

Lowered mast height

Lowered mast height is the measurement from the top of the mast (not extended) to the floor. There are different types of masts the most common ones are 2, 3 or 4-stage masts. You will need the lowered mast height for when your forklift will be traveling through doorways, onto semi-trailers, etc. that are in and around your warehouse. If you measure the lowest height in which your forklift will be traveling through. This will help find the lowered mast height you would be able to have.

Overhead guard (cab) height

Overhead guard height is measured from the top of the overhead guard to the floor. If your lowered mast height is shorter than your overhead guard height then you will have to know this measurement for the same reason. If your forklift can not get through a doorway, an overhang, a semi-trailer etc. then that can cause an issue with your productivity. Be aware of this potential problem.

Forklift Dimensions: Length

Overall length

Overall length is measured from the tip of the fork to the back of the forklift. However, some dimensions might exclude the length of the forks. Depending on the type of forks and attachments you are needing this will alter the overall length. The overall length affects the Turning radius.

Forklift Dimensions: Width

Overall width

Overall width is the measurement from the left side of the forklift to the right side of the forklift. Knowing this will help determine how narrow your isles can be. If your warehouse is already set up, the narrowest part of the aisles would then determine the overall width when choosing a forklift. Also Combining the overall length and overall width will show you how much space the forklift will take up. The length and width can define what category the forklift fits into, standard, wide, or narrow aisle.

Forklift Dimensions: Turning Radius

Turning Radius

Turning radius is the angle at which the forklift can turn at. This partners with the overall width and length of the forklift, to understand that when the forklift is turning it needs that amount of space to turn a corner. So, this will also affect the warehouse aisle and corners set up. If you have tight corners then you will have to make sure to get a forklift that has a small turn radius. Typically, the higher the capacity on the forklift the larger the turn radius will be.

Keep in mind these dimensions are only the basic measurements of a forklift. You can find the dimensions of almost any forklift on the product brochure. There’s so much more information you will need to know when purchasing a forklift.

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