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Forklift Safety Training:

Equipment Safety Training, including Forklifts and MEWP, is extremely important. OSHA requires that all Powered Industrial Trucks (commonly called Forklifts) operators be certified. To clarify, this is a formal process and isn’t just suggested; it’s required by Federal law for all employers using forklifts. 

In addition, the training is onsite and forklift-specific, meaning that certifications conducted at one employer don’t carry over to other employers with different truck types and applications.  You must certify operators for your site and your forklifts in order to protect your people and your company from liability and OSHA citations.  

OSHA also requires that all MEWP operators be trained, the MEWP standards from ANSI changed in June 2020. Be sure your company is in compliance with these national, best practice guidelines. Make sure you stay in compliance. Watch for all OSHA changes to policies!

Training Options:

Mid-Ohio Forklifts has two training options, which is the best option for your company depends on many factors. See below:

Mid-Ohio Forklifts


We have operator training classes for forklifts and MEWP (scissor/boom lifts)

  • Perfect for companies needing to train groups of six or more operators.
  • Includes a site survey to look at your lifts and application and customize our program to your site, as well as making recommendations for safety and OSHA compliance improvement.
  • Includes classroom training for each lift type.
  • Written test and hands-on evaluation (conducted pass/fail at your site as required by OSHA).
  • All documentation and paperwork to prove the training was successfully completed.
  • It’s a wake up call for your people, they will NEVER look at a forklift or MEWP the same way again after this class!




We have  Train The Trainer classes for forklifts and MEWP (scissor/boom lifts)

  • Perfect for companies who want to do their own training in-house. Great for employers who have substantial turnover, small numbers of operators to train each time, unique equipment or varied shift schedules.
  • Two days (forklift) one day (MEWP scissor/boom) of top quality instruction to properly prepare your in house trainers to train your operators.
  • Classes are conducted in-person in Columbus and Northeast Ohio, as well as remotely by ZOOM.  Customers needing four or more trainers can have the class brought to their site for a discounted group rate for up to ten trainers.
  • We teach the trainers what they need to know, how to do what must be done and why it’s important to do it correctly.  We also supply them with a support system they can call anytime with questions or if they need help in any way.
  • Our materials are second to none.  Videos, PowerPoints, written tests, certificates, permits and more. Everything they need to train on the most common forklifts and MEWP’s.
  • Unlike most of our competitors, we don’t put an expiration date on your trainers, they can continue to train with no restrictions, as long as they are with your company.

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