Columbia Burden & Personnel Carriers



For over 70 years, Columbia has manufactured vehicles in America that enhance productivity, comfort, and utility in a variety of settings and functions. Designed for maximum efficiency, longevity, and ease-of-use in any environment, our pure electric vehicles help you achieve peak operational performance in transporting, carrying, and towing––all with zero emissions. 

Move, carry, and tow with power and efficiency. 

Move people: When people walk instead of ride, operations slow, guest experiences suffer, and time wasted turns into lost money. 

Carry cargo: Burden carrying units handle thousands of pounds of material, indoors and out, in the tightest spaces, all without emissions or noise pollution! 

Tow loads: Towing with a vehicledesigned for something else menas more wear and higher costs. Towing vehicles give you the cost savings and maneuverability you need while handling loads in the tens of thousands of pounds!

Units offered: Payloader, Utilitruck, Stockchaser, Chariot, Expeditor, and Journeyman. 

Need a specialized unit? We customize to your needs. Contact us today! 330-633-1230 or

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