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Batteries and chargers are an important and necessary part of your forklift. 

A bad battery can cause your unit to not function. It’s important to keep them clean and filled to run smoothly. 

So, this means you need regular preventive maintenance (PM). We provide that service, along with many others. 

However, when your battery has run its course, and comes to end-of-life due to a variety of reasons, you’ll need to replace it. 

You can do this with a new or used battery.

Whether you’re looking for a new or used battery, a rental,  or you just need spare parts, Mid-Ohio Forklifts has got you covered. 

We will supply you with the necessary equipment. 

In addition, we will walk you through the process of replacing your old batteries or converting to cleaner forklift or material handling equipment battery options.

Need help with a forklift battery issue? We can guide you to the best choice for your forklift!

Before you buy a new battery, reach out to our service department. 

330-633-1230 x206 

Forklift Battery Brands

The two major forklift battery brands we carry are Hawker and Battery Builders. Each is considered a heavyweight in battery production, and between the two, we carry the kind of variety that handles all your forklift battery needs.

Hawker has been in the battery business for more than 85 years, and it shows through their innovation and performance. With multiple options to fulfill every forklift battery need, customers can take advantage of Hawker’s commitment to provide low-cost long-life batteries.

With more than 85 years of motive power experience, innovation, and expertise, Hawker is the industry leader in quality, performance, technology, innovation, and cost-savings power system solutions. Hawker customizes leading-edge motive power solutions for our customers. Hawker is your one-source system solution for motive power savings.

Mid-Ohio Forklifts
Mid-Ohio Forklifts

Industrial Batteries

HAWKER® is the world’s largest industrial battery brand. We manufacture the broadest line of lead-acid batteries, providing solutions for controlling and reducing motive power operating costs. HAWKER® batteries deliver the longest life and lowest cost from many innovations — including the densest paste, battery sleeves which eliminate separator misalignment, and the industry’s first acid recirculation systems.

HAWKER®’s PowerPlus formation. When you choose a Hawker battery, you’re choosing the best-built battery on the market. Professional pride and financial incentives are the two motivational forces we combine at HAWKER® to implement a quality assurance system without peer. Each employee personally signs his or her work. The quality goes in before the name goes on.

Industrial Chargers

​HAWKER®’s extensive line of modular, high-frequency chargers represents the future of motive power innovation. They offer advanced scalability, redundant power, simplified service, and maximum flexibility to enhance your operations. Our modular smart chargers utilize our patented IONIC charge profile, as well as opportunity and patented fast charge profiles, while providing plug-and-play flexibility, eliminating possible downtime, and ensuring scalability for future power needs.

If you’re in the Northeast, OH area and you need a new forklift battery, or you need someone to guide you through the process of choosing the best products for your situation, Mid-Ohio Forklifts is here to serve you. Give us a call today, and let us help you find solutions for your forklift battery needs.

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