Ohio Hyundai Forklift Dealers

One of the dependable heavy equipment lines carried by Mid-Ohio Forklifts is the Hyundai brand. It offers high productivity, low maintenance and durability for your warehouse needs. In business since 1972, Hyundai Heavy Industries is a global company that provides equipment for a variety of industries, including marine, industrial and energy. To learn more about these machines and the available options, speak to one of our qualified team members.

Electric Sit-Down

Available in both three- and four-wheel models, the electric sit-down lifts deliver a comfortable ride to keep your employees engaged throughout the day and excellent stability to safeguard against accidents. Ideal for warehouses, bottling plants and manufacturing facilities, the electric sit-down machines are designed with the employee in mind. From around 2000 to 11,000 pounds, the Hyundai electric sit-down lifts are ideal for all types of loads.

Electric Narrow Aisle

Narrow aisle equipment is ideal for smaller businesses and warehouses where operators stand instead of sit. The Hyundai line of stand-up forklifts is designed for greater work efficiency while maximizing space. We can help you decide whether a sit-down or a stand-up lift makes more sense for your business before you make your purchase.

Internal Combustion Indoor And Outdoor Lift Trucks

Designed to deliver maximum power and low noise, internal combustion lifts are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. These machines are ideal in warehouses, manufacturing plants and in outdoor lumberyards. They provide the comfort of a full suspension seat and ergonomically placed pedals to increase the comfort of the user. If you’re looking for a lift that is designed to last, we can show you the various internal combustion lifts to see if this is best for your business.


Diesel lifts are ideal for use on job sites to handle extremely heavy loads, including lumber, concrete and steel. They have more efficient cooling systems, automatic transmissions and a wet disc brake system for precision. If you’re unsure which forklift you need, our sales staff can help you go over your needs and match you with the perfect machine.

Whether you are ready to purchase a new or used machine or are looking to rent a forklift to hold on to more of your capital, Mid-Ohio Forklifts can help you decide if a Hyundai forklift is right for your company. If you’re located in Akron or the surrounding area, contact us at (800) 638-1230 or (330) 633-1230.