Mid-Ohio Big Joe Forklift Dealer

If you have a business that moves heavy loads and you’re located in the Akron area, Mid-Ohio Forklifts is the forklift dealer with several different brands of heavy equipment to choose from. The Big Joe brand is one option for your new, used or rental equipment. We carry the latest new models with a selection of options to suit your needs. We also carry an inventory of used equipment to help you save money. For more information on purchasing a Big Joe forklift for your company, contact us to speak to one of our knowledgeable sales staff.

The Big Joe Brand

Big Joe has been manufacturing electric forklifts for over 60 years. These lifts are tailored to suit commercial, industrial and retail uses, so you can choose the exact type of machine that best suits your needs. The company also has a history of low maintenance costs and reliability, which helps decrease the cost of ownership.

Types Of Big Joe Forklifts

Choose from straddle stackers, counterbalanced stackers, reach stackers and picker trucks for moving and storing merchandise and stock. All Big Joe machines work at variable speeds to enhance production.

Access forklifts are ideal for low-level order pickers, pallet jacks make it possible to lift and move heavy loads and walkie stackers are alternatives to sit-down forklifts. Regardless of what type of Big Joe lifts you need, we offer an affordable solution for your warehouse needs.

Our Services

Whether you’ve purchased a new Big Joe product or are renting one of our machines, we offer a wide variety of services to keep your machine running as it should. Our 24-hour Rapid Response Service will get your machine back up and running to reduce downtime, and we offer continued maintenance and support to fit your budget.

If you live in the Akron area, you can learn more about our available products and services by contacting us at Mid-Ohio Forklifts at (800) 638-1230. One of our qualified sales technicians can help you choose which product would best serve the needs of your company.